Battery Solar Solutions South Australia

Our team has provided over 4000 solar installations around Australia.

Whether it’s a solar system or a battery storage system, our team is here to provide you with the knowledge that Is needed to make a decision on an affordable system that suits your family’s needs.

Solar In South Australia

Around 35% of households in Adelaide are enjoying the benefits and savings of a solar system. Our team can explain an in-depth solution to how a solar system can benefit you and your family. Battery Solar Solutions have operated in SA for 9 years, with our office based in the North Eastern suburbs, Ridgehaven. South Australia still has solar incentives and rebates to claim, which makes your system very affordable. Our team will handle and claim these rebates on your behalf to simplify the process for you. Our company employees our entire team! Supporting and constantly creating more SA jobs. Our team consists of qualified solar electricians, Apprentices, sales consultants, administration and installation managers.

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