Solar Power

Tired of paying huge power bills?

Want to opt for a more renewable source of energy and do your bit for the environment?

Battery Solar Solutions can help with our range of quality solar panels and integrated solar power systems.

Our solar solutions

Solar Panels

  • Higher efficiency
  • More output
  • Higher ROI
  • Less internal power loss

Solar Inverters

  • Higher efficiency
  • More output
  • Higher ROI
  • Less internal power loss

The advantages of solar power

Getting a solar power system for your home has more benefits than one:

Reducing your carbon footprint

Renewable source of energy

Reduction in pollution

Massive reduction in your power bills

Our residential solar installation process

Battery Solar Solutions’ team comprises of qualified electricians and solar installation experts who have years of experience installing solar power systems in residential properties across South Australia. When you call us for a quote, one of our experts visits your property and conducts a thorough on-site assessment. This includes gathering information about:

  • Your energy consumption requirements
  • Roof orientation
  • Available space on the roof
  • Your utility provider
  • Impact of shade on the available roof space
  • Access to roof for installation
  • Duration of sunlight
  • Load power
  • Energy efficiency of your major electrical appliances
  • Need for storage
  • Your feed-in tariff requirements

All these factors are vital in enabling us to help you select a solar power system that fits the size and usage requirements for your household.

Consequently, our team utilises precise engineering concepts to draw up a solar power system design unique to your needs. Once it is mutually agreed upon, we proceed with the installation.