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Got a brand new solar power system for your home or business? Excellent! Give yourself a pat on the back for taking a plunge into this revolution of renewable and clean energy for powering up your property. Want your solar panels to last longer? Call Battery Solar Solutions for our maintenance and cleaning packages.


Solar panels and battery storage units save you a lot of dollars on energy bills, thereby, making your property self-sustainable in its power generation. However, like every other equipment or appliance in your home, solar power systems require regular cleaning and maintenance to retain their optimum efficiency.

It is recommended to get your solar power systems professionally checked and serviced at least once every year. Don’t wait till a hefty energy bill lands up on your door to find out if your solar panels are working fine! Solar power systems are vulnerable to damage by a number of factors including:

  • Constant exposure to extreme weather elements like non-stop rains for days on end
  • Electrical arcing resulting from loose cables
  • Pests and birds chewing on the cables and wires
  • Bird and pest nests under the panels, with debris affecting your solar system’s efficiency
  • Build up of dirt, grease and grime on the solar panels


At Battery Solar Solutions, we understand how important it is for you to have your solar power systems working efficiently after all the dollars you invested installing them! Consequently, we offer comprehensive cleaning, service and maintenance packages catering to all aspects of system health. You can choose from:

Panel Cleaning - $8/panel
You would think since the solar panel is exposed to rains, it will be clean. Rains alone are not enough to rid the panels of all the dirt and grease that gets accumulated on them. Of course you can clean the panels yourself using store bought detergents. But DIY cleaning is not advisable for safety and technique reasons. Battery Solar Solutions’ team of solar panel experts is skilled at safely climbing the roofs and giving your panels a professional clean. We have all the equipment and chemicals to deliver a thorough clean.
Gold Package - $199
For those looking for something long term, we have created this pre-defined Gold Package, offering 3 system checks for the first 2 years of your solar power system installation. The package includes:

  • Solar Panel Cleaning
  • System Performance Check
  • System Structure Check
  • Roof Tile Check
Platinum Package - $299
The components of the Platinum Package are almost similar to the Gold Package. The major difference is the duration it covers. This package offers you 7 system checks for the first 5 years of your solar power system installation.


Battery Solar Solutions conduct in-depth system checks to assess the performance of your solar power systems. Our experts, further, make suitable recommendations to ensure your systems are performing at their peak efficiency. The system performance checks include:

• Cleaning of panels

• Checking if the inverter and meter box are working fine

• Checking if cables are tied properly

• Evaluating wiring integrity, whether complying to regulated standards

• Clearing of debris around the panels


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