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Grid connected solar power systems are installed 0n buildings with a connection to an electricity or public utility provider. Solar panel cells convert solar energy to direct current which is then transferred to a solar inverter. The inverter converts this direct current to AC electricity for use by appliances within the household or business premises.

You can then choose to save up the excess electricity in a battery storage unit or transfer it to utility provider for availing special feed-in tariff benefits.


The amount of solar power generated is a variable component affected by the climatic and seasonal conditions. Some of the factors we take into account before proceeding with your grid connected solar power system installation include:

  • Orientation of the roof, whether the solar panel has an eastern, western, northern or southern orientation.
  • Size of the system, depending on your energy consumption and location of the building. Residential properties usually work efficiently on solar power systems ranging between 1.5kW to 5kW.
  • Efficiency of the electrical appliances you use. Yes, the energy rating matters!
  • Available space for solar panel installation.
  • Amount of time of the day that this available space is under shadow.
  • Surface of your roof, whether tiled or metal, flat or angled.


The decision to install a solar power system for your building is a big one. It is a long-term investment. Consequently, it is essential to opt for an installer you can trust. While finalising a solar system installer, keep in mind the following:

✔ Don’t get swayed by the fancy sales pitches ✔ Check licensing and accreditations ✔ Steer clear of ‘limited time only’ offers ✔ Ask for testimonials – reputation and credibility is crucial to our business ✔ Get an on-site assessment done before deciding

Furthermore, the following are vital to getting the most out of your solar power system. Make a note to ask your solar system installer.

• Voltage output of the solar panel • Quality of the panel and wiring • Quality of the solar inverter • Positioning of the solar panels to enhance efficiency • Auto switching capability of the solar panel as well as inverter • Durability of the switch gears


At Battery Solar Solutions, we have an unwavering commitment to quality and safety. We use superior quality solar panels and inverters from leading national and international brands. Our team is fully qualified and licensed to install solar panels and full-grade solar power systems. We focus on training and development of our team with regular industry trainings as well as site safety training.


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